This article explores Solar Cooking, a cheap and effective method that is environmentally and financially highly beneficial for tropical regions like India and Africa.

Do you have paupers living somewhere near you? Present them with a solar cooker today. The cookers only cost Rs. 100. Take action today to feed someone for free.

Saving the environment is saving our future generation.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, but it is highly combustible, non-renewable, causes global warming, and emits carbon monoxide. An alternate fuel for natural gas is the sun.Envi day

Solar cooking is a comparatively old, effective, and overlooked method. Dependence on solar cooking reduces your carbon footprint and fuel consumption. The best part about solar cooking is that the entire cooker can be made for less than $3. The cooker can be used freely for the rest of your life. Countries like India suffer from 365 days of sunshine which can be beneficial when it comes to saving fuel.

A solar cooker can be made in home very easily using this method.

Advantages of  a solar cooker:

  • The sun offers a renewable source of fuel.
  • During summer, a typical middle-class kitchen can heat up your entire house. A solar cooker, out of the house, does not do this.
  • It can be used instead of a slow-cooking electric oven. This can reduce your electricity bill.
  • The solar cooker can be used while preparing food for a lot of people. Slow-cooked meals for masses can be made with these cookers.
  • This cooker does not pollute.
  • You can go camping outdoors during sunny days and not worry about fuel for cooking. This is also useful in forests where lighting fires is illegal.
  • Mt. Everest uses solar cookers to reduce the carry load for hikers.
  • Many of the rural houses in India still use smoke-producing stoves burning wood which causes immense troubles to the cook. Solar cookers reduce all these hassles.
  • No matter where you live, having a fire in a closed environment is always risky. Solar cooking drastically reduces fire-related accidents in homes.
  • Rural India still searches for firewood under scorching sun and predators, having a solar cooker keeps them home safe.
  • You never have to worry about safe drinking water. We know how conservative Indian mothers are when it comes to increasing the life of a gas cylinder. Boiling drinking water is still a foreign concept in India. You can now boil liters and liters of drinking water using solar cookers for free.
  • Solar ovens can also be used to quickly sterilize dishes and other equipment  -especially considering the COVID-19 spread.
  • A solar cooker can do anything a conventional cooker can do. A normal solar cooker can reach 250°C without breaking a sweat.
  • You never have to worry about burnt food while using solar cookers since solar cooking takes longer than usual cooking.
  • Did we mention, that solar cookers are highly mobile?

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