Early childhood education is what a child learns in school or any educational establishment before turning eight.

This is considered to be a crucial stage for human development since it shapes our entire life. Denial of education at this stage can lead to impaired physical, emotional, and mental growth. SHAPE provides care and support for the underprivileged Indian rural children of this age group through games, arts, and other educational leisure activities. Thus, children explore their creative sides.

The following activities are carried out through our Free Literacy Centers:

  1. Physical exercise and the provision of supplements to aid in child health development.
  2. Value education to impose sharing, teamwork, instigation, and functioning within a group.
  3. Letters, songs, numbers, and poems are taught to promote motor functions.
  4. Games, drawing, singing, dancing, acting and other art forms are encouraged to enable and develop their ingenuity.
  5. Scaffolding learning, e.g. Just as a child needs support wheels until they can ride a bike without them,  the children are aided with different tools until they learn to do something without support.

Our center staff is trained in the skills mentioned above before they are employed. Currently, 6 trainers work with over 200 vulnerable and poor early child learners.

Ms. Ashwini (in the picture) is our youngest volunteer yet. We invigorate and nurture the spark in children, like Ashwini, by encouraging their interests. She is currently tutoring over 20 children (aged less than eight years old). This will teach Ashwini to care for future generations in a productive manner. The fifteen-year-old is one of the many innovative scaffold tools we have in store. She is an asset to the project, and she provides more concentrated and effective support to our early childhood learners.

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