Buvana is one of the beneficiaries of SHAPE. She is running a successful sewing business employing five women. About a decade ago, she was in a poor financial and mental state. In 2004, Buvana married into a rich family, but her husband tragically died in 2008. With no children, and following the un-natural death of her husband, the family framed her as a stroke of bad luck and shunned her (learn about other pointless Indian superstitions).

With only a few thousand rupees in her bank, the widow did not have the guts to face the misogynistic Indian system. She had neither a college degree nor adequate skills to secure a decent career. She was on the verge of falling into prostitution.

Yet, she did not give up. She started working as a waitress and relocated to a place with moderate clutches of the economy. Two years passed by before SHAPE came to that village to establish a WoCTAD. After obtaining vocational skills for six months straight, she approached us for further guidance. We helped her obtain a low-interest loan in 2011. With our guidance and her perseverance, the business grew as years went by. By 2017, she had become a fashion designing entrepreneur with multiple paid employees and more than three hundred regular customers. She also adopted a couple of abandoned children to share her love. Her family slowly realized their mistake and is now trying to build a relationship with the daughter who “got away”.

Want to help others like Buvana? You have three options:

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