A massive representation of drug addiction in pop culture was brought forth by the Bollywood movie “Udta Punjab”. While the focus of the movie was specifically for the state of Punjab, otherwise even India as a whole has been inflicted with the massively increasing interaction with different sorts of drugs all around the country. Recently drugs and narcotic substances have been a lot in talks due to suspected alleged involvement of a lot of famous people in the media and entertainment industry and therefore has become an issue that has come into notice of a lot of common people across the country in a very tangled manner.

In context, a lot of drug addiction in India has been influenced by how drugs are shown in different prominent Bollywood movies and therefore lures the youth into unknown charms of these products. There is a massive influence of celebrities on public attitudes, values, and behaviors towards drug abuse. In 2017 almost 22,000 people lost their lives due to the consumption of illicit drugs. The consumption has increased manifold, and that too for all types of drugs. Cannabis as bhang is the only legal form in India which is allowed its other forms such as marijuana and hashish are yet illegal, as are other plant-based drugs such as cocaine and heroin etc.

And yet almost approximately 3 crore people (30 million) in the country are consuming these drugs and almost 80 lakh (800,000) of them are there in the drug-dependent category due to excessive consumption of the same. The demographics of drug addiction have been recognized massively in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Haryana, Maharashtra, and Delhi, but in terms of population percentage, Northeastern states such as Mizoram and Nagaland have a high rate of opium consumption. 

Apart from this, there are also a lot of medicinal drugs such as sedatives or even psychoactive drugs as well as hallucinogens which are highly widespread around the country. The issue with increasing drug consumption is not just with physical effects of it its manifestation into general lives and bodies of people, but the whole idea of these drugs are getting smuggled or trafficked to the country or out of the country, has a direct relation to increasing crimes and depleting mental health of people all over the nation.

And to narrow down the problem pipeline is not as easy as it might seem because the sources are located unevenly and randomly all over the place and there is no central hierarchy to how these drugs are being sold to the general public. In a country as huge and diverse as India its awareness is more effective than law and hence to have programs and frameworks that make people aware and cognizance of the harmful effects of drug consumption has the potential to be much more effective than maybe any regulatory or administrative bodies.

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