SHAPE was incorporated as a society in 1987 under the name ‘GOSON’, to develop underprivileged communities with multifaceted support. Initially, we worked with the youth through career guidance programmes, for their economic freedom. However, Tamil Nadu needed humanitarian support on various levels to gain actual development, so we covered the following areas.

  • 1987 -1995

    During this period we worked on the following:

    1. Child labor eradication
    2. Water supply

    Tiruvannamalai was one of the most underdeveloped districts of Tamil Nadu back in the 80s. The lack of frequent rainfalls created a severe water shortage, the population was incapable of generating revenue through agriculture. Hence every member of the family including the children had to work in menial jobs for income. SHAPE delivered a resolution to both these complications through a watershed management project. We dug 2 lakes and built over 15 water sources including overhead tanks, hand pumps, and underground deep-wells around the district. This ended the water problems of over 100,000 people.

  • 1996 – 2005

    • Creating awareness on HIV among Women
    • Awareness campaign being conducted over HIV
    • Green initiative by SHAPE 1999

    We worked on the following issues throughout this period.

    1. Community health
    2. Community education
    3. Environmental protection
    4. Animal Husbandry

    During the late 90s, Tiruvannamalai faced hardships in the form of health problems. HIV/AIDS had started to grip the world. SHAPE worked in 94 villages from 1998-2004 through its HIV/AIDS prevention and control project. Over 400,000 people were tested and given awareness about the disease. We raised public awareness about adult learning through “Project Arivoli” in collaboration with the State Government of Tamil Nadu. Rallies and meetings were conducted to increase awareness from 1999-2003. In 1999, SHAPE in collaboration with the Annamalai Reforestation Society started its green initiative to save the environment. We supplied over 250 rearing animals (cows and goats) to support hundreds of impoverished rural and tribal families in Tamil Nadu between 2002-2005.

  • 2006-2015

    • Certificate issued at one of the tailoring centres after course completion
    • Identified victims with necessities

    We worked on the following during this period:

    1. Women Welfare Project
    2. Child Development Project

    We started helping the youth women and children right around 2006. So far we have trained and educated over 4000 beneficiaries through these projects. We changed the name of the organization in 2012. The previous name “Good Shepherd Organization (GOSON)” did not entirely cover our interests, so we renamed the organization as “Society for Harmony, Aid and Proseprous Economy (SHAPE)”