Adivasi 2020 – the indigenous people of India

Adivasi are the natives of India since the beginning of documented history. They were here before the British, Mughals, and Aryans. There was a time when they had excelled in Math, Administration, Trade, Culture, and Arts, but after the intrusion of Aryans, they were fed with mythical stories and folklore of great Gods and Kings. … Continue reading Adivasi 2020 – the indigenous people of India

SHAPE, women & Indian Economy

In any country, the micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) provide multi-faceted support to the economy. India comprehended the rewards of the MSME game and started a dedicated Ministry of MSME back in 2007. MSME is an economic boon for the following reasons: The MSME sector employs over 50 million people in India which is … Continue reading SHAPE, women & Indian Economy