SHAPE, women & Indian Economy

In any country, the micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) provide multi-faceted support to the economy. India comprehended the rewards of the MSME game and started a dedicated Ministry of MSME back in 2007. MSME is an economic boon for the following reasons: The MSME sector employs over 50 million people in India which is … Continue reading SHAPE, women & Indian Economy

Buvana, the cursed widow

Buvana is one of the beneficiaries of SHAPE. She is running a successful sewing business employing five women. About a decade ago, she was in a poor financial and mental state. In 2004, Buvana married into a rich family, but her husband tragically died in 2008. With no children, and following the un-natural death of … Continue reading Buvana, the cursed widow

Why suing might be the answer to saving the planet

Environmental justice is realizing that everything and everyone will be screwed if we do not get our act together on how we treat mother earth as soon as possible. All of us are in this together regardless of our job, societal status, caste, the car we drive or the house we live in. A little … Continue reading Why suing might be the answer to saving the planet