Manhattan and mother earth

Credits – Vivian Chieh & Esma Adiguzel The Earth has a deadline. Manhattan’s Metronome digital clock was re-programmed to display the numbers representing the years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that deadline. It is now known as the Climate Clock, an effort to project the urgency of combating climate change.  First of all, what is climate … Continue reading Manhattan and mother earth

Any girl, could be anything!

We believe that our girls should not be afraid of what the future holds for them. We want them to be who they want to be with nothing curbing their growth. Our child project sincerely aims to achieve this goal.

Why is India poor?

– Vivian Chieh & Esma Adiguzel It is saddening to know that more than 29.8% of India’s population still lives below the poverty line, meaning more than 29.8% of 1.35 billion is still struggling between their haves and have-nots. The efforts made so far have been successful, but a need for more action to eradicate … Continue reading Why is India poor?

Women, nature, and poverty

– Vivian Chieh Today we celebrate International Day of Rural Women with an emphasis on the theme: “Rural women and girls building resilience”. This theme reminds us that with a critical need to address climate change, we should not forget the invaluable impact that rural women and girls have on building resilience. The statistics say … Continue reading Women, nature, and poverty

Teach our children!

On the 5th of October, we are celebrating World Teachers’ Day, which is an international event launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994. Before we jump into what we do as an organization, to understand the significance of this holiday, here is some context into this highly relevant day: … Continue reading Teach our children!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Even children are racists…

Racism. A topic that has been a controversy for centuries. A topic that many privileged people claim “doesn’t exist anymore”. However, if you happen to be an ethnic minority, you know that this is definitely not the case. Racism has not disappeared as some may assume; it has merely taken on a new form. In … Continue reading Even children are racists…

Are we lizards?

As human beings, we tend to highly depend on our sense of sight. We are a visual species. This fundamentally leads to one of our most damaging yet extensive habits: judging a book by its cover. We unfortunately tend to form impressions of people merely based on their appearance. We scan an individual, examine their … Continue reading Are we lizards?

Education and religion

There have always been wars waged against people based on their religion, color, and beliefs. Beginning from the Crusades, numerous Jihads, Holocaust, and the South Asian religious animosities paved the way for the deaths of millions. When we narrow the geography and timeline of such injustices to our current position, the statistics still disappoint us. … Continue reading Education and religion

International Friendship

Join us in celebrating some recent examples of international friendship, rooted in trust, understanding, empathy, and solidarity.

Vocational training for underprivileged women

SHAPE, women & Indian Economy

In any country, the micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) provide multi-faceted support to the economy. India comprehended the rewards of the MSME game and started a dedicated Ministry of MSME back in 2007. MSME is an economic boon for the following reasons: The MSME sector employs over 50 million people in India which is … Continue reading SHAPE, women & Indian Economy

Ganja killed a family

The story of Vasu – a child victim of drug abuse Vasu is a 10-year-old semi-orphan who lost his father, Gangadharan, to illicit drug abuse. In 2017, Gangadharan was a taxi driver who dealt Cannabis on the side. Like most drug addicts, he always argued that his addiction to these drugs was nothing but good … Continue reading Ganja killed a family

Buvana, the cursed widow

Buvana is one of the beneficiaries of SHAPE. She is running a successful sewing business employing five women. About a decade ago, she was in a poor financial and mental state. In 2004, Buvana married into a rich family, but her husband tragically died in 2008. With no children, and following the un-natural death of … Continue reading Buvana, the cursed widow

Early childhood education

Early childhood education is what a child learns in school or any educational establishment before turning eight. This is considered to be a crucial stage for human development since it shapes our entire life. Denial of education at this stage can lead to impaired physical, emotional, and mental growth. SHAPE provides care and support for … Continue reading Early childhood education

Indian Child Laborers – 2020

This article describes the current state of child laborers in the district of Tiruvannamalai. Anyone who is under the age of 18, engaged in economic activity, part-time or full-time, is known as a child laborer. Here the words child & children denote youngsters under the age of 18. When local governments prohibit local child laborers, … Continue reading Indian Child Laborers – 2020

The role of racism in global citizenship

Global citizenship – considering oneself as a part of the global village all the while maintaining allegiance and respecting cultural values. With the technologically advanced networking, faster travel options, and globalized economy, the world has now become a village. Just like a geographically small neighborhood, in the global village, everything we do has rippling consequences. … Continue reading The role of racism in global citizenship

Mount Tiruvannamalai

Things to do in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai is a district in South-India, popular for Hindu temples and religious appeal. It has a population of over 2.5 million people covering 6200 sq. km. A little caution before the good stuff: Like any other poor district in the country, Tiruvannamalai is prone to frauds, cons, and money-grubbing. Due to failing monsoons and low … Continue reading Things to do in Tiruvannamalai

How to feed someone for life while saving on your gas bill?

This article explores Solar Cooking, a cheap and effective method that is environmentally and financially highly beneficial for tropical regions like India and Africa. Do you have paupers living somewhere near you? Present them with a solar cooker today. The cookers only cost Rs. 100. Take action today to feed someone for free. Saving the … Continue reading How to feed someone for life while saving on your gas bill?

Cigarettes and sex

The story of a dysfunctional husband. This post was written as part of ‘No Tobacco Day, May 31. Mr. Jawahar (36), married Ms. Kamini (34) (name changed on request), one of our women project beneficiaries, in 2015. This story of her unfortunate short marriage below is as narrated by Kamini. “Back in 2014, I met … Continue reading Cigarettes and sex

Minority low caste beneficiaries

Thurumbar, the Dalits of the Dalits.

Thurumbar, also known as Puthirai Vannar, is a minority low caste division in Tamil Nadu. Thurumbar are fighting for their rights in 2020 because the Government has mistakenly categorized them as ‘Adi Dravida’ (Dalits). Every caste in India is recognized by its traditional occupation, e.g. Bramins are the temple priests, and Sathriyas are the army-men. … Continue reading Thurumbar, the Dalits of the Dalits.

NGOs – fraudulence, and struggles

Internal politics is one of the biggest problems faced by NGOs around the world. In India, foundations, and NGOs (registered as societies, trusts, section 8 [old – section 25] companies), are incorporated on a daily basis, either to make money or to launder it. These organizations spend 90% of their time carrying out illicit activities. … Continue reading NGOs – fraudulence, and struggles

Farzana, the modern slave

Ms. Farzana Mubarak was working in a metal factory until 2013 when she was found by SHAPE. While her work and daily routine seemed totally normal, she was a modern-day slave (Read about slavery in India). in 2005, her father, Mr Rafeeq, had borrowed INR 20,000 (€233) from a local business owner, Mr Hari (name … Continue reading Farzana, the modern slave

The rag-picking doc

Rescue story of a future doctor cursed to be a rag-picker Anitha (age 13) who is under the care of SHAPE’s literacy centers (know more) was once a rag picker on the streets of Tiruvannamalai. She picked up her uncle’s job because her father died. Her mother, Radha, is a wage worker who had to take … Continue reading The rag-picking doc

The infectious stud

A recent interview with Mr. Juver Ahmed (single, male, migrant worker) conducted on 11.06.2019 by SHAPE as a part of its periodical HIV/AIDS KAP survey exposed the following information. After stressing his reluctance to talk to us for fear of losing his employment, Mr. Juver Ahmed agreed to an interview. He is from the Badurpur … Continue reading The infectious stud

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