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Working with us

Volunteering at SHAPE entails tapping into your humanitarian side and focusing on developing the deserving communities of rural India, whilst networking with likeminded people from all over the world. Unlike larger organizations, we hire volunteers for actual administrative tasks which would offer them a more involved and hands-on experience. Additionally, employers constantly look for people who share their company’s social responsibility interests, so an opportunity working at SHAPE will always help you stand out during interviews.

Online Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is taking over in our day and age. Help change the world right from the comfort of your home. Our shared goal will be to assist the underprivileged, and so as you take care of the technical things, you’ll leave us with more time to work with the people for the people. Select one thing you want to do and let us know.

1. SEO
2. Digital Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Content Writing
5. Fundraising and Influencing
6. Volunteer Management
7. Brand Assistance
8. Multimedia Design


If you are a student specializing in social work or simply someone interested in nonprofit careers, internships should form the foundation of your journey to your goals. We offer the following nonprofit capacity-building internship opportunities:

1. Governance and management: operations, office administration, project management & coordination, and project field management
2. Project-Based: grant writing, monitoring & evaluation, and stakeholder communication
3. Organizational development: fundraising, public relations, and donor relationship building

Field Volunteering

Volunteer in our project areas by helping poor & underprivileged kids. Dedicate a few hours from a week or two out of your vacation to help in making the world a better and more comfortable place for our marginalized communities. This opportunity is open to innovation i.e. you can do anything that you think will be helpful for our beneficiaries. Below are a few examples:

1. Inspire them with your story
2. Tutor them in English, Mathematics, Science, or any of your favorite subjects
3. Stimulate their artistic side in painting, acting, music, sports, dance, etc.
4. Help the children pick up new hobbies and teach them your skills
5. Plant trees or make seed balls with the children
6. Play with the children

The experience

“Volunteerism strengthens civic engagement, safeguards social inclusion, deepens solidarity, and solidifies ownership of development results”
UN Volunteers

At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on the 25th of September 2015, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which is built upon a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim on eradicating poverty, fighting inequality, and tackling climate change by the year 2030. This ambitious agenda recognizes the vitality of the work of volunteers in accomplishing such bold goals. Thus, here at SHAPE, we call upon charitable individuals to donate some of their time and effort to assist the organization in changing the world for the better through the 17 SDGs. Through volunteer work, you will establish yourself as a philanthropist. Through volunteer work, you will find your place and purpose in our large world. At SHAPE, you will also be able to situate yourself in our community – one founded upon selflessness, kindness, altruism, and goodwill. Join our team today, and make a difference.

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