Child Education and Health Development


        SHAPE feels that, child education is the best solution to have a positive impact on them and ensuring better opportunities for a dignified,safe and happier life and emphasizing this concept through Child Education and Health Development Project.It is common to say in everyday life that, what ever we are doing, is for the sake of our children. But, if we take a close look at the world emerging out of the action of the present generation, we see a frightening picture of rising inequalities, violence, stress and environment ruin. All this will increase the levels of torment and stress for the next generation-for our own children and grandchildren.We need to get serious about changing their development path and making long overdue corrections on social protection and other important needs.


           Through this project, Aid is provided in the form of food ,clothing ,medical care and free literacy to the deserving school going children including the children of HIV/AIDS/SIDA victims by SHAPE. This project is aimed to eradicate poverty through illiteracy and proper hygiene practices that positively impact community health and welfare towards a secured and dignified  societal environment.SHAPE integrates student communities into mainstream society to build up a bright and harmonious   future.