Fighting COVID 19

We are fighting this pandemic through the following programmes.

Saving children from corona
Saving children from corona
Protecting children

The pandemic has started to grip Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts more than ever. Consequently, we have started supplying protective masks for our child beneficiaries. These masks are manufactured by our very own Women Centres (WoCTAD) in a cost-effective method for seasonal income generation. The necessary masks are up to the recommended standards for maximum protection. We plan to safeguard 400 children through this intervention.⠀

education during corona pandemic
Education during corona pandemic
Uninterrupted education during uncertain times

SHAPE in collaboration with its Endorser Mr. Sabareesh Narayanan conducted an early childhood career guidance programme for some of our brightest child beneficiaries yesterday. This interactive session taught children about how to enhance their prepossessed skills and make a career out of them. We are constantly conducting such programmes for our children beneficiaries.

Solar cookers
Solar cookers to fight pandemic induced poverty

SHAPE in collaboration with the Pollution Control Board of India conducted a training programme for tribal women on 07.07.2020. Using common household items, the community women learned how to make solar cookers. ⠀

Many people are unemployed because of #COVID19 and tribals are not exceptions. Due to pandemic-poverty, they cannot afford basic necessities like gas and electricity. Consequently, these underprivileged tribal families depend on carbon-based fuels like wood and coal to cook. Burning such fuels causes numerous environmental and health-related complications. ⠀

Solar cooking is the answer to all of these issues. Solar cookers are easy to make and free to use. These cookers use sunlight as fuel and cause no environmental and health problems. Over fifty ultra-poor people will not worry about gas bills now, thanks to our initiative. 

Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram – hunger relief
Ending pandemic induced hunger with food kits

We have started supplying food kits and protective items to the tribal poor living in the Districts of Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram. More than 100 families were helped thereby succoring over 500 beneficiaries during this month’s lockdown. Sadly, the pandemic has begun to penetrate the deeper parts of the society, like the tribal village we served today. Their savings are completely exhausted and most of them are unemployed. They need our aid now more than ever. Support us a to help more people.