SHAPE  is the abbreviation of  SOCIETY FOR HARMONY – AID AND PROSPEROUS ECONOMY which was founded by Mr. Parthiban in 1987. His parents were uneducated coolie labourers. He lost his father at the age of eight. His mother Mrs. Kannamma Meaning >>lady of good vision << some how managed to give him a good education to help the poor and needy. He gathered some like minded people including women, and started SHAPE. Since then, SHAPE have been implementing the following community Development projects towards the well being of the marginalized communities especially for women and children:

  • Free Education Centers for 600 school drop outs and regular school students.
  • Sponsorship project for 50 children of HIV/AIDS victims and ultra poor  school children.
  • Health,Hygiene,Nutrition,Environment,Legal Aid, child birth control and    mother and child care education Projects to 400 women.
  • Provision of drinking water to drought prone areas.
  • Formation of a number of Women Self Help Groups to educate on how they may access the benefits of Banks and Government.
  • Formation and participation of NGO’s net work.
  • Training to Urban, Rural and Tribal health workers on various issues.
  • Eradication of child labourers and developing the unorganized sector of skilled workers including building construction workers .
  • Promotion of organic farming .
  • Conservation and prevention of soil, water, forest and environmental programs.
  • Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS programs in the Urban,Rural and Tribal areas of Tiruvannamalai District.
  • Helping the aged people etc..


        SHAPE has implemented the proposed plans and projects  in line with its aims and objectives towards well being of the target people, women and children in particular during the year 2017.Several people and agencies were approached for help by SHAPE over e.mail, websites,phone calls and other means including meeting traders, local clubs and Banks for help.All these approaches helped mainly to impart Education on AIDS,run the Women Center for Training, Development, Advocacy and Counselling,to support adult women ,school children and specifically to improve the  Child Education and  Health Development  Project and to start the SHAPE Care  Home Children  Scholarship Programme.


         Female population growth is increasingly higher than the male population in India. Women have so many personal, family and social problems.They needed to be empowered and supported in overcoming these issues. The family economy gradually started to grow through Women Self Help Groups. The Banks and the Government have come forward to assist these women when they approach for help, by introducing easy installment loans  and welfare schemes particularly to the uneducated, unorganized sector women, providing life security insurance policies, employment guarantees, skills and entrepreneurship training etc,. Women do not have the education or sufficient awareness to avail the benefits and welfare schemes of the  development agencies.


          Women’s literacy rate in our project areas just thirty percent. Women are forced to follow backward social and traditional customs, and  superstitions, which badly affects their mind and body in several ways. Women rights and education are denied by the male community. Girl child labour is being encouraged, where they encounter mistreatment  and are not given equal rights compared to the boys – for example, being forced to work even during sickness. Women are dominated and exploited and they are not aware of their rights and privileges. Many have to face overwhelming problems with their family, community,  and at the work place, including sexual harassment. They have to fight for their protection and dignity in many situations. They do not have rights to make her own decisions. The media are becoming increasingly exploitative of women which makes for additional problems  and serves to destroy her self respect. Women’s role in politics is very low. Above all,  women and female children are the most vulnerable population concerning the life threatening epidemic AIDS.


       Child population covers thirty five percent of the total population in India. Of this, ten percent stop attending school midway. Of the remaining twenty five percent who complete their schooling, only five percent manage to secure a good position and lead comfortable lives. Others have  to struggle to find a good job. Poverty, lack of awareness on the value of education are the main reasons for their pathetic situation. Also thousands of children are living with HIV/AIDS due to ignorant parents and through unsafe injections given for their ailments.In Tiruvannamalai district, the number of AIDS orphans has increased to a huge level.



community health
Medical Awareness Joint Venture(SHAPE and Govt. of Tamil Nadu) Project – 1999

      Human health is the foundation of a healthy community. Healthy community is the back bone of the nation’s economy. AIDS is a great challenge to be vigorously focused on. Although the Central and State Governments are making enormous efforts to eradicate poverty and to fight against the challenges of the new age diseases like AIDS, Cancer, T.B. and Diabetes etc..(with the collaboration of the U.N.O., WHO, developed countries, and local N.G.Os), it still can’t cope with the threatening effects of the above diseases. The Governments have been implementing many projects and programs towards the nation’s development and health care. In addition to this, a policy for the eradication of terrorism and to secure the nation’s  defense are their other responsibilities, and many billions of rupees are being spent to maintain the nation’s harmony.

      The Government is doing its best despite the many obstacles it has to face with a population of over one Billion people,  and that it is comprised of twenty-eight states and seven union territories – all with different cultures, different religions, and more than eight hundred languages, plus a plethora of many political parties. Also much resource has to go towards maintaining its lengthy highways, road systems and complex rail and  airway networks with the extremes in climatic conditions, all which provide additional challenges for this growing nations economy. Untouchability is still practiced all over the nation. It is the  booming  human population of India that provides the main concerns and potential crises in terms with food, medical care and social, cultural and spiritual development.A number of health oriented programs on Cancer, diabetes, Tuberculosis,Polio , Filaria, communicable  diseases, child birth control ,mother and child care and referral services for care and support from the Government and private sectors for the needy poor are being  carried out by SHAPE.



       The development of a country like India can not  prosper unless priority be given to health issues and securing sustainable economic development to the poor.In the beginning of April 2014 a meeting was conducted at the residence of a social worker Mrs.Mary by name. Women belonging to different Women Self Help Groups  participated and expressed their family and socials problems providing  immediate solutions for their poverty reduction. Most of the participants who attended this meeting were unorganized and uneducated  from different communities including muslims.

    A variety of welfare programs were announced during this meeting. Firstly participants were advised to Register their names with the Ministry of Labour under unorganized women category,  to avail the benefits of the department. These benefits include:  an immediate death allowance;  an Accident relief fund occurring at the occupational premises;  marriage allowance for the educated daughter’s (this scheme encourages the girl child’s education and eradicates child labour);; special schemes for widows and women those who are separated form their husbands.

        Mrs.Rita the president of SHAPE assured the above women folk that a vocational training center will be shortly opened in that area to impart technical and life education to the those who attend the center. Women who are living with HIV/AIDS  also were present  at the meeting and shared their problems in connection with their need for assistance  for treatment and rehabilitation to manage their family’s financial situation.The chief functionary Mr.Parthiban committed to take necessary action according to their requirements.

Vocational Training Center for the impoverished  women:            

       Hundred and twenty impoverished women were learned Fashion designing at SHAPE’s   Vocational Training Centers during the above period and turned independent and have been over coming   their family poverty. The expenses occurred towards the sewing machines, trainers salaries and rentals were met out with the support of  individual foreign friends and donor agency. Continuous efforts are taken up to raise funding to increase the number of  Centers. Course certificates were awarded to  the trainees who completed the course with which, many of whom  were received free sewing machines from the Department of  Social Welfare  and availed  Bank loans to start  their own business.A new fashion designing center was started in January ,2017  in Karuvattanparai village with the assistance of F Âmes du Monde -France.Course certificate were awarded to 25 women in October 2017 by the District Social Welfare Officer.Now the center is functioning with 10 new trainees.



     On 1st of December 2014  a  meeting was conducted in the Women Vocational Training center. Dr.Thilagavathy M.B.B.S DCH ., a well wisher of SHAPE gave a talk on HIV/AIDS prevention and control and family planning to the gathering. She in her address said, nowadays, several building constructions are going on in Tiruvannamalai town. Workers who involved in this work are mostly unorganized  sector women and are being exploited and abused by the masons and masonry assistants  for sex. These men are one of the high risk groups for HIV/AIDS. Auto rickshaw drivers are another high risk group for AIDS.

       Women and their children are recommended to take potent drugs rather than going for unsafe intravenous injections  to prevent themselves from AIDS. The participants appreciated the information given and asked the coordinator Mrs.Rita to conduct more meetings of this kind in future.

     Two hundred and twenty eight women from seventeen Women Self Help Groups participated in the above meeting. These women unanimously made a request to arrange for Bank loans to buy cows to create a cooperative Dairy project of their own. Their appeal was conveyed to various agencies and individuals.



         In November 2016, a general survey was made with the help of trainees and area volunteers in  many parts  of Tiruvannamalai  and surrounding areas.This team found   that,slum dwellers are  the most affected by HIV/AIDS comparing to other residential areas,and are greatly facing family and social problems.Women and children are the most affected with out finding proper remedy for their problem. On December 1st 2017,World AIDS day was observed and rallies were  organized in twenty of the above slum areas to create public awareness on HIV/AIDS. Eighteen thousand people were benefited by this program.


         Food, clothing, domestic animals, medical care and child education  assistance offered   to several families of  HIV/AIDS victims. These families  were  supported with the contribution of   foreign well wishers.


         The loss of a parent to AIDS can have serious consequences  to a child’s access to basic necessities such as shelters ,food ,clothing, health and education. Female headed households  are dependent on fewer income earners. This lack of income puts extra pleasure on AIDS orphans, in many cases driving them to the streets to work, beg or seek food.

        Children who have lost one parent to AIDS  are often at risk of losing the other parent as well, since HIV may have been transmitted between the couple through sex.  Of  whom many are being adversely become AIDS victims and their children turns AIDS orphans.

       A Care Home for Children had been established by SHAPE  to nourish  AIDS orphans and poor  children  in the beginning of 2013 and was  taking care of ten children by providing  food, health care  and  education. This Care home for children was totally sponsored and supported by Grand Orient De France. The funding of this organization have been channelizing by Mr. Dominique  through Enfant Soleil De L Homme,New Caledonia since November 2012. SHAPE  was  told by the  Government officials to create more infrastructure with minimum number of 25 children to run the Orphanage .SHAPE is approaching various sources to continue this Care Home for Children Project.



       Importance of child education was highlighted to thousands of Urban and Rural women through Women Self Help Group meetings and emphasized them to send their children to schools. Several ”Education development” and “Health Development” camps were organized at schools with the cooperation of the parents and teachers and school authorities.

    Free Study materials,sanitary items,casual wear  and Medical AID kits are supplied to encourage both the mothers and  their children. Hundreds of  different  school children got benefited by these programs. Provided, education on HIV/AIDS prevention  and  control was   imparted from  Class VIII to XII students of a different schools.

      The above Children home status was explained to our stakeholders  and  the same project has been converted as >>CHILD EDUCATION AND HEALTH DEVELOPMENT PROJECT<< This new project has been implemented in four remote villages. About two hundred students are getting direct benefits out of this new project since January 2015 in order to continue their education without dropping their schooling.


        Efforts have been taken to enhance the capacity of the  poor and needy communities in line with the objectives of the organisation. All the above programs were organised by SHAPE with the cooperation and support of the Executive Committee members, volunteers, local and foreign well wishers. law and health professionals, social workers, teachers, government staffers, village heads and the leaders of W.S.H.Gs and common public etc,. SHAPE greets these people and seeks further support  and  cooperation  towards   its further  endeavors.

     Our sincere  thanks, regards and prayers to our well wishers,friends and donors  Grand Orient De France,Mr.Dominique,Madam.Genevieve,Madam.Madam.UrsulaLuciano-USA, Mr.Bernard and Monika -Germany Madam.PamelaHackett – England, Madam.Gabriela Judas – Germany  and  Mr.Jean François  and  family -France   who generously have made their contributions.

May the Almighty God abundantly  Bless these kind people and their nations.

Yours Thankfully,

The Advisory Board, SHAPE N.G.O.