Feed, clothe, and educate poor Indian children

Underprivileged children are suffering in Tamil Nadu, India. They are homeless, orphaned, poor, uneducated, socially estranged and malnourished. Let’s help them together! It can be in the form of money or things.

With just $ 3, you can fulfil an orphan’s stationery needs for a year.

$ 4 helps a malnourished child eat healthy for a month.

$ 6, helps a rescued child laborer study for 6 months.

$ 9 buys an orphan a new pair of clothes.

One book can turn around a school dropout’s life.

Little Jai and Chandru have never worn good clothes in their entire lives…

Kavitha and baby Nisha have never had a toy to play with…

Anu and Bavana have never seen a movie…

Let’s help them together

Adopt a poor village for $20/month or train 50 women in vocational skills for $50/ month.
Step 1: Tell us what you want to do
Step 2: We assign a village/beneficiary group to you
Step 3: You contribute the money and we contribute the time and labor
Result: You have changed the world a little bit!

When you donate…

They study well

We offer free education, study materials, toys, clothing and sports items to help them study well.

They stay healthy

A physically healthy child is ready to endure the future.

They gain proper guidance

Engineering, law, and medicine are not the only income-fetching streams out there. Children need to do what they love, not what society forces them to.

Your contribution gets acknowledged

SHAPE is an FCRA certified organization. We are authorized to receive donations/gifts from any part of the world. You will receive a receipt of acknowledgement from us for your contribution. This might fetch you a tax exemption according your nation’s rules. Please contact us for more details.

You connect with the child

We have digitally connected all our project areas. You can do a video call to meet the children you are helping anytime.

You receive regular updates from us

We will keep you updated about our projects and progress through social media / newsletters / annual reports.

It doesn’t have to be money

Help less fortunate kids like them by giving things you no longer use. You can donate anything you find no need for anymore. We conduct computer classes for which we constantly need electronic items like keyboards, monitors, cellphones, tablets, webcams, speakers, laptops, etc. We also welcome charitable gifts in the form of clothings, food, toys, books, etc.

Send them in and we’ll cover the transport charges. Click the query button above to get in touch with us.

What we do for the children

We identify child laborers and help the expansion of the Indian Government’s National Child Labor Project (NCLP).

We help the families of child laborers become self-sufficient by guiding them along the path of income generation. We do this by providing scholarships and covering some expensesRead more to know how we do this through our women welfare project.

Through our free child literacy centers, we provide education and health supplements to 400 children who are low-caste, orphaned, victims of HIV, physically challenged, and suffer from other mental or physical illnesses.

We provide our services to a public library in Vadaandapattu Village which lies in the center of the Tiruvannamalai district, India. We aid in the maintenance of the library and donate books. We mainly have a collection of free university-level books for underprivileged college students studying Management, Economics, Engineering, the Arts, and Science.

University students contribute their books to this library from all over the state. In addition, we provide English skill-building books for adults & children of all ages. Unemployed and job-seeking youth find this library highly useful for developing their soft skills. We are very grateful for all contributions that help us expand our collection of books.

What it costs

Sponsorship for one HIV infected orphan (we currently sponsor 10 such children) = $50 (INR 3500/month)

Stationery requirements (books, pens, etc.)of one child per year = $16 (INR 1200 i.e. 120/month). Spread the word to 12 of your friends to collectively donate INR 100 per person.

Medical/Health Supplements (e.g. emergency fever/cold/diarrhoea tablets, health drinks, etc.) for one child per year = $ 39 (INR 3000 i.e. 250/month). Spread the word to 6 of your friends to donate INR 500/person.

Clothing requirement(casual/school uniforms) of one child per year = $ 27 (INR 2000 i.e. 170/month). Spread the word to 10 of your friends to collectively donate INR 200/person.

Sanitary items(toothbrush, sanitary pads, soap, etc) for hygienic-care of one child per year = $ 31 (INR 2400 i.e. 200/month).

Transport expense for HIV victims from home to the HIV care centre per year $2.50/visit/child (including travel & food) x 12 visits per year = $ 30 (INR 2300 i.e. 180/month).

Counsellor fee for health and educational wants of the beneficiaries $ 2/visit/child x 12 visits per year = $ 24 (INR 1800 i.e. 150/month)

Toys, Sports items, clothing, books and study material cover for one HIV child victim = $95 (INR 7000 i.e. 580/month) You can adopt one dying child.