“The threat of AIDS has become so rampant and ominous that it is looked upon as a formidable foe, commanding the due importance for its ruthlessness. It is the burden duty of all citizens to take all steps to prevent oneself getting infected and lend a helping hand to the organizations which are fighting this menace, which bring down the probability of infection” Hon. C. Rangarajan-Ex.Governor of Tamil Nadu.

“Unless we take concerted efforts, this killer disease may pose the greatest challenge to the Humanity. I make fervent appeal to the NGOs,the opinion makers in the society and the public at large to join hands in creating a society free from the scare of HIV and AIDS”

Hon. S. Semmalai-Ex. Health minister.

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The main objective of this project is to Create awareness among the general public about the transmission of AIDS through the sexual mode – as it contributes to more than 80% of HIV/AIDS infection-to minimize the number of AIDS Orphans to a greater level.

India has experienced a frightening increase in the rate of HIV infection, stands first at the global level in spread of HIV/AIDS. Today, India, a country with a population of more than one billion, has an overall infection rate of about 1%. This translates to 10 million people infected. Tamil Nadu state has the second highest infection ratio in India. Tiruvannamalai is one of the most AIDS/HIV infected District of Tamilnadu.

The reason for the spread of AIDS is mainly due to ignorance of the people as to the cause, transmission routes, and methods of prevention. And too, the poverty in rural villages has caused an increasing daily migration of people to the cities seeking work, and that work is often high risk for AIDS. Therefore, the spread of AIDS is likely to continue if no adequate measures are taken.


Field blood collection for HIV screening test

Comprehensive AIDS awareness campaign is vigorously made by local highly motivated voluntary health workers through sustained and targeted interventions among the public at large and more specifically among individuals/youth/groups who are susceptible to high risk behavior. Youth population is the main focus of this project. Counselling and Rehabilitation measures are taken to the people living with HIV/AIDS.

The results of the above efforts are reflected in the positive changes in the behavioral pattern of the public, especially high risk groups like Sex workers, Auto and truck drivers and masons etc.,. About one million people were motivated by SHAPE ngo through the above Anti AIDS program till now.

World AIDS day is observed to call the attention of the Global community to the gargantuan proportions that AIDS is assuming.