Child Project Supplies

Beneficiary Expenses

The following objectives are being carried out for 400 child beneficiaries (including Orphans, HIV Victims, Out-of-kids, and Physically challenged) currently. We keep adding more as the funds increase: (USD estimate)

Sponsorship for one HIV infected orphan (we currently sponser 10 such children) = $50 (INR 3500/month)

Stationery requirements (books, pens, etc.)of one child per year = $16 (INR 1200 i.e. 120/month). Spread the word to 12 of your friends to collectively donate INR 100 per person.

Medical/Health Supplements (e.g. emergency fever/cold/diarrhoea tablets, health drinks, etc.) for one child per year = $ 39 (INR 3000 i.e. 250/month). Spread the word to 6 of your friends to donate INR 500/person.

Clothing requirement(casual/school uniforms) of one child per year = $ 27 (INR 2000 i.e. 170/month). Spead the word to 10 of your friends to collectively donate INR 200/person.

Sanitary items(toothbrush, sanitary pads, soap, etc) for hygienic-care of one child per year = $ 31 (INR 2400 i.e. 200/month).

Transport expense for HIV victims from home to the HIV care centre per year $2.50/visit/child (including travel & food) x 12 visits per year = $ 30 (INR 2300 i.e. 180/month).

Counsellor fee for health and educational wants of the beneficiaries $ 2/visit/child x 12 visits per year = $ 24 (INR 1800 i.e. 150/month)

Toys, Sports items, clothing, books and study material cover for one HIV child victim = $95 (INR 7000 i.e. 580/month) You can adopt one dying child. 

Project Expenses

Free literacy centres are being run in 4 villages currently where the slow-learners are given special education for improved academic performances. Following are the expenses incurred at the centres.

Monthly rent/electricity/utilities per center = $ 15 (INR 1000)

Monthly salary of the field worker in one centre = $ 40 (INR 3000)

Sports items (football, volleyball among other items) for one centre per year = $ 50 (INR 4000)

Children are given computer education as well. 
Donating (new/used) computers/computer parts is also welcomed.
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