“Priority be given to efforts for the immediate end of hazardous and exploitative child labour and to urgent support for education, so that children may acquire the knowledge and skills that can enable them to improve their lives. It also stresses the need for the basic services, social development strategies, income-generation measures and legal protection for children, their families and communities”

-B. Boutros Ghali,

Former U.N Secretary General-1997.

Exploitation of children is the economic exploitation of the child. Over 300 million children around the world – in countries rich and poor – work and are often cut off from the community,denied rest and play and most of them are at risk from hazardous and exploitative labor including drug addiction and sexual abuse. Denied education and trapped in cycle of poverty ,their most basic rights, their health and even their lives are in precarious and jeopardy. SHAPE believes that the single most effective way to protect children from hazardous and exploitative labor is to extend and improve education so that it will attract them towards a healthy living. It emphasizes and insists in the entire target area that, education is the best solution to over come this problem. Campaign has been launched against child labor in urban, rural and tribal areas.