Child Project Supplies

Beneficiary expenses

The following objectives are being carried out for 400 child beneficiaries (including Orphans, HIV Victims, Out-of-kids, and Physically challenged) currently. We keep adding more as the funds increase: (USD estimate)

Sponsorship for one HIV infected orphan (we currently sponser 10 such children) = $50 (INR 3500/month)

Stationery requirements (books, pens, etc.)of one child per year = $16 (INR 1200 i.e. 120/month). Spread the word to 12 of your friends to collectively donate INR 100 per person.

Medical/Health Supplements (e.g. emergency fever/cold/diarrhoea tablets, health drinks, etc.) for one child per year = $ 39 (INR 3000 i.e. 250/month). Spread the word to 6 of your friends to donate INR 500/person.

Clothing requirement(casual/school uniforms) of one child per year = $ 27 (INR 2000 i.e. 170/month). Spread the word to 10 of your friends to collectively donate INR 200/person.

Sanitary items(toothbrush, sanitary pads, soap, etc) for hygienic-care of one child per year = $ 31 (INR 2400 i.e. 200/month).

Transport expense for HIV victims from home to the HIV care centre per year $2.50/visit/child (including travel & food) x 12 visits per year = $ 30 (INR 2300 i.e. 180/month).

Counsellor fee for health and educational wants of the beneficiaries $ 2/visit/child x 12 visits per year = $ 24 (INR 1800 i.e. 150/month)

Toys, Sports items, clothing, books and study material cover for one HIV child victim = $95 (INR 7000 i.e. 580/month) You can adopt one dying child. 

Project expenses

Free literacy centres are being run in 4 villages currently where the slow-learners are given special education for improved academic performances. Following are the expenses incurred at the centres.

Monthly rent/electricity/utilities per center = $ 15 (INR 1000)

Monthly salary of the field worker in one centre = $ 40 (INR 3000)

Sports items (football, volleyball among other items) for one centre per year = $ 50 (INR 4000)

Donate your used/new computers, electronics, mobile phones, speakers, monitors, printers, mouses, keyboards, mp3/mp4 players, DVD players, CD players, or any other computer peripherals. We use them to teach our children. Contact us and we will pay for shipping.

We accept your leftovers and used items as donations. Clothes, toys, cookware, coolers, books for our library, any other items you find no use for. We take them straight to our children