What are we doing?

1. Awareness creation about communicable diseases to our beneficiaries.

2. Providing scholarships to child victims of incurable diseases like HIV.

3. Providing health counseling with medical professionals to our beneficiaries.  

4. Provide financial assistance for the Physically Challenged to ease their travel and health among other needs.

5. We mobilize communities and train leaders to end human rights violations.


Human Rights:


  • We transform the lives of vulnerable people through human rights advocacy.
  • We let the community act by creating leaders instead of taking actions by ourselves.
  • The prime aim of this project is to fulfill the basic needs (food, shelter, Governmental schemes, and livelihood) of undocumented communities in Tamil Nadu. 
  • Our fight, though underfunded and unsupported has turned around the lives of over 2000 undocumented people.
  • All our projects have a human rights-based approach.

Click here to read the stories of undocumented people living in Tamil Nadu.


SHAPE has also worked towards the development and betterment of the physically challenged people(PCPs). Regarding the PCP project SHAPE has organized over 60 programs in 90 different villages. The objective of these programs was to make people aware of the Government Schemes and impart awareness to the general population about the oppressed PCPs. The general population was encouraged to accept the PCPs under these projects. Around 500 PCPs were helped financially. Out of these 500 people, 200 were given assistance equipment such as special chairs, hearing equipment, etc.


SHAPE NGO is a social action group, vigorously involved in Community Development, to help people to change what they feel are unacceptable situations in the quality and conditions of their lives. For which, the following schemes like imparting social awareness education, provision of potable water, making people avail various welfare schemes (food, shelter, and clothing) provided by the State and Central Governments, Banks and international agencies, watershed management and soil conservation, wasteland development, social forestry, promotion of organic farming, cultivation of higher value crops, creation of kitchen gardens, promotion of low-cost solar cooker, promotion of formal and nonformal education to children, mass literacy program to the adults, eradication of child labor (Agro and Industry), conducting men and women seminars and mass rallies and implementation of income generation programs such as the provision of cattle, organization of men and women self-help groups are some of the remarkable socio-economic development projects being carried out since 1987. 

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