Former Projects

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    1. Water provision for rural areas
    2. Humanitarian services to the families affected by HIV/AIDS
    3. Contribution of small animals under the Rural Dairy Project
    4. Unorganized Girls and Women Sector
    5. Project Arivoli – A joint initiative of SHAPE and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. 
    6. Rehabilitation for the physically challenged 
    7. Home for Orphans

    1. Water Provision for Rural Areas


    SHAPE NGO is a social action group, vigorously involved in Community Development, to help people to change what they feel are unacceptable situations in the quality and conditions of their lives. For which, the following schemes like imparting social awareness education, provision of potable water, making people avail various welfare schemes (food, shelter, and clothing) provided by the State and Central Governments, Banks and international agencies, watershed management and soil conservation, wasteland development, social forestry, promotion of organic farming, cultivation of higher value crops, creation of kitchen gardens, promotion of low-cost solar cooker, promotion of formal and nonformal education to children, mass literacy program to the adults, eradication of child labor (Agricultural and Industry), conducting men and women seminars and mass rallies and implementation of income generation programs such as the provision of cattle, organization of men and women self-help groups are some of the remarkable socio-economic development projects being carried out since the year 1987.