Former Projects

Water Provision for Rural Areas


SHAPE NGO is a social action group, vigorously involved in Community Development, to help people to change what they feel are unacceptable situations in the quality and conditions of their lives. For which, the following schemes like imparting social awareness education, provision of potable water, making people to avail various welfare schemes (food, shelter and clothing) provided by the State and Central Governments, Banks and international agencies, water shed management and soil conservation, waste land development, social forestry, promotion of organic farming, cultivation of higher value crops, creation of kitchen gardens, promotion of low cost solar cooker, promotion of formal and non formal education to children, mass literacy program to the adults, eradication of child labour (Agricultural and Industry), conducting men and women seminars and mass rallies and implementation of income generation programs such as provision of cattle ,organization of men and women self help groups are some of the remarkable socio economic development projects being carried out since the year 1987.

Rural Dairy Project


Provision of one cow to each W.S.H.G member under organized cooperative system would improve their family and community to a greater level.

“Making unorganized women sector in to organised system would bring a Remarkable changes in the family and community.”

This self employment income generation program is aimed to improve the earnings of two hundred and twenty eight economically backward women’s families (four thousand people – both direct and indirect) belonging to seventeen Women Self Help Groups of Devanampattu village, towards their sustainable development by providing milk producing cow to each member. This program would bring an immediate remedial solution to their financial problem.

Unorganized Girls and Women Sector


There is no security for the lives of the unorganized women sector. They are forced to work under odd and unsafe working places.

For young girls and Women coolies who work in unorganized sectors under hazardous conditions like building constructions, bricklaying, agriculture fields, small cottage industries, truck loading and unloading, road side micro business, house and stall maids and etc have no security at their work spots. SHAPE ngo provides identity cards through a committed social worker with photos to the above category, by which they can get life security fund, daughter’s marriage allowance, delivery(child birth) allowance etc.,.from the Ministry of Labour. Presently there are about three thousand members are availing benefit of this project.

Humanitarian services to the families affected by HIV/AIDS.


Contribution of small animals

“SHAPE”ngo extend help to families living with HIV/AIDS/Leprosy so that they get their basic needs fulfilled. This includes: infrastructure such as Health care, community-based care systems; social support networks; income-generating activities and rehabilitation of children.

Project Arivoli – A joint initiative of SHAPE and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. 


A joint venture on Promotion of mass literacy in the Tiruvannamalai district was organized by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and SHAPE during the early 90s. This project was launched to increase the low literacy rate in the whole of Tiruvannamalai district. The above picture was taken during one of the rallies conducted throughout the project run. As a result of the awareness created through this initiative the percentage of literacy rate is increasing to a very higher level.


Rehabilitation for the physically challenged  

8 Access to Government support for the physically challenged people was almost unreachable in the mid of late 80s. So, SHAPE has extended counselling, guidance and financial assistance to the victims of the project areas.  As a part of this project support centres were functioning in 20+ villages.

Home for Orphans

SHAPE started a Care home for Children back in 2013. This initiative was funded by Enfant Soleil de l’homme and helped 10 children initially. The beneficiaries were orphaned, semi-orphaned, born to PLHAs or from impoverished backgrounds. Apart from food, accommodation and care, the children were trained in various aspects such as sports, yoga, arts, etc. Soon their relatives were found and the children now have their own homes around the district of Tiruvannamalai and are under SHAPE’s scholarship programme.