Former Projects

  1. Water provision for rural areas
  2. Humanitarian services to the families affected by HIV/AIDS
  3. Contribution of small animals under the Rural Dairy Project
  4. Unorganized Girls and Women Sector
  5. Project Arivoli – A joint initiative of SHAPE and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. 
  6. Rehabilitation for the physically challenged 
  7. Home for Orphans

3.Contribution of small animals under the Rural Dairy Project


Provision of one cow to each W.S.H.G member under an organized cooperative system would improve their family and community to a greater level.

“Making unorganized women sector into an organized system would bring a remarkable change in the family and community.”

This self-employment income generation program is aimed to improve the earnings of two hundred and twenty eight economically backward women’s families (four thousand people – both direct and indirect) belonging to seventeen Women Self Help Groups in Tamil Nadu, towards their sustainable development by providing milk-producing cow to each member. This program would bring an immediate remedial solution to their financial problem.