Former Projects

  1. Water provision for rural areas
  2. Humanitarian services to the families affected by HIV/AIDS
  3. Contribution of small animals under the Rural Dairy Project
  4. Unorganized Girls and Women Sector
  5. Project Arivoli – A joint initiative of SHAPE and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. 
  6. Rehabilitation for the physically challenged 
  7. Home for Orphans

4. Unorganized Girls and Women Sector


There is no security for the lives of the unorganized women sector. They are forced to work under odd and unsafe working places.

For young girls and Women, coolies who work in unorganized sectors under hazardous conditions like building constructions, bricklaying, agriculture fields, small cottage industries, truck loading, and unloading, roadside micro business, house, and stall maids and etc have no security at their work spots. SHAPE ngo provides identity cards through a committed social worker with photos to the above category, by which they can get a life security fund, daughter’s marriage allowance, delivery(childbirth) allowance, etc.,.from the Ministry of Labour. Presently there are about three thousand members are availing the benefit of this project.