Women Project Supplies

Here is what our women beneficiaries get from this project.

Sewing machines for fashion designing training. One machine serves 5 women for their whole training period @USD 120/machine (INR 7000). Tell 7 of your friends to collectively donate INR 1000/person or 14 of your friends to donate INR 500/person. Scroll down to share/donate.

Computers to train 5 women for 6 months and beyond @USD 250/laptop (INR 19000). Tell 10 of your friends to donate INR 1900/person or 20 to donate INR 950/person. Scroll down to share/donate.

Buy us raw materials (needles, paper, cloth, buttons, etc.) for fashion designing training. These cover one center with 20 women for one whole training period. USD 35/INR 2700 cover this expense. Scroll down to share/donate.

A training batch has 20 vulnerable women. You can take care of their family expenses (food, travel, children’s education, rent among other things) while they train by giving a stipend of USD 6/INR 500 per month. 

Project Expenses

Free training centers are being run in 2 villages currently where the women are given the training to improve their lives. The following are the expenses incurred at the centers.

Monthly rent/electricity/utilities per center = $ 15 (INR 1000)

Monthly salary of the field worker in one center = $ 65 (INR 5000)