Overlooked aspects of the COVID 19 impact – An Indian perspective

From Wuhan, China, to the man next door, the COVID-19 spread all over the world, causing a global frenzy triggering safety protocols. After months of rigorous lockdowns, we are yet to eliminate this threat. India began battling the virus in early 2020, rather successfully, given its massive population. Front-line workers worldwide receive vaccinations developed in India. This article discusses the niche aspects of the pandemic impact policymakers could tend to.

Everyday is Education Day

Resonating with the Evergreen quote “Scientia Potentia est” - meaning ‘knowledge is power’ by Sir Francis Bacon, International education day is a recent yet significant addition to the calendar of events. The goal is to promote inclusive education, providing equal opportunities for every individual by the year 2030. The international education day is distinctive due … Continue reading Everyday is Education Day