India’s Relationship with Renewable Energy

Article by Shwetha Sivaraman  At the start of February, the Indian government announced it would invest 35,000 crore rupees (4.3 billion USD) in green technology, focusing on solar power and green hydrogen production, in its efforts to reach net zero emissions by 2070. However, as with most of the world, India remains heavily reliant on … Continue reading India’s Relationship with Renewable Energy

NGOs – fraudulence, and struggles

Internal politics is one of the biggest problems faced by NGOs around the world. In India, foundations, and NGOs (registered as societies, trusts, section 8 [old - section 25] companies), are incorporated on a daily basis, either to make money or to launder it. These organizations spend 90% of their time carrying out illicit activities. … Continue reading NGOs – fraudulence, and struggles