Early childhood education

Early childhood education is what a child learns in school or any educational establishment before turning eight. This is considered to be a crucial stage for human development since it shapes our entire life. Denial of education at this stage can lead to impaired physical, emotional, and mental growth. SHAPE provides care and support for … Continue reading Early childhood education

Indian Child Laborers – 2020

This article describes the current state of child laborers in the district of Tiruvannamalai. Anyone who is under the age of 18, engaged in economic activity, part-time or full-time, is known as a child laborer. Here the words child & children denote youngsters under the age of 18. When local governments prohibit local child laborers, … Continue reading Indian Child Laborers – 2020

Things to do in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai is a district in South-India, popular for Hindu temples and religious appeal. It has a population of over 2.5 million people covering 6200 sq. km. A little caution before the good stuff: Like any other poor district in the country, Tiruvannamalai is prone to frauds, cons, and money-grubbing. Due to failing monsoons and low … Continue reading Things to do in Tiruvannamalai

How to feed someone for life while saving on your gas bill?

This article explores Solar Cooking, a cheap and effective method that is environmentally and financially highly beneficial for tropical regions like India and Africa. Do you have paupers living somewhere near you? Present them with a solar cooker today. The cookers only cost Rs. 100. Take action today to feed someone for free. Saving the … Continue reading How to feed someone for life while saving on your gas bill?