Thurumbar, the Dalits of the Dalits.

Thurumbar, also known as Puthirai Vannar, is a minority low caste division in Tamil Nadu. Thurumbar are fighting for their rights in 2020 because the Government has mistakenly categorized them as 'Adi Dravida' (Dalits). Every caste in India is recognized by its traditional occupation, e.g. Bramins are the temple priests, and Sathriyas are the army-men. … Continue reading Thurumbar, the Dalits of the Dalits.

The infectious stud

A recent interview with Mr. Juver Ahmed (single, male, migrant worker) conducted on 11.06.2019 by SHAPE as a part of its periodical HIV/AIDS KAP survey exposed the following information. After stressing his reluctance to talk to us for fear of losing his employment, Mr. Juver Ahmed agreed to an interview. He is from the Badurpur … Continue reading The infectious stud