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My name is Ann Ellsie Morger. I am a professional Social worker and an Art therapist from Norway. I met Mr.Parthiban in Tiruvannamalai six years ago with my teacher in Art therapy. Someone in my group gave me Mr. Parthiban`s phone number. I called him and we had a meeting at the hotel where we stayed. He told me about the activities of SHAPE with poor children and women with diseases like HIV/AIDS. I was convinced that his project was beneficial for them , and his organisation was without a lot of bureaucracy.

In February 2017, we met Mr. Parthiban and his lovely wife Mrs.Rita and they brought us to the village where we had a meeting with the women. After, they took us to the different free literacy centers where they teach poor children.We were heartily welcome by the teachers and children who were singing for us. We were 5 in my group, but only 3 could attend the events with our gifts.

We were very thankful to have this opportunity to meet the women and the children of SHAPE Charity is working with. We can see that these project are of great value for them. We wish you good luck and encourage others to support SHAPE Charity!

Best regards from all in my group,

Mrs .Ann Ellsie Morger,


March 2017


It has been a great honor to meet the SHAPE community especially the Care Home for the orphan children.

The children that are left behind from very sad conditions by their parents have found a heart warming welcome at SHAPE. I am glad to see your children, from age four to eight , be able to develop their full potential. I have played with all of them for about six weeks and see there talents in coordinating skills,like learning different ball games. Potential in learning new languages by singing songs in French,German and English. Dancing to traditional songs, practicing Yoga and doing other exercises also learning how to ride a Bicycle has given me great joy in participating with them. Even to Crochet we have began to learn. There is so much potential there to develop, and I wish they will continue to expand their natural talents. Mr. Parthiban invited me to visit several schools in the very poor areas.

Oh, how sad it is to see the children sitting on the floor with hardly any material to work with. The lack of teachers gives the smarter children a chance to teach their class mates. Some medical supply is also donated besides other stuffs (like study materials etc..) by SHAPE to these schools, which encourages these children to have a fair chance in life.

Mr Parthiban has been so accommodating in all the needs I had to make my stay here in Tiruvannamalai a most pleasant one. He drove me on his Motorcycle safely though the crazy Indian traffic. He attended to the little cuts and bites my body experience with great care.

I plan to come back next year. In the meantime I hope, SHAPE has began to build a bigger place for many more needy Children.

Many thanks to Mr. Parthiban and his wife Rita for bringing new awareness about children’s life in India to me.

Many best wishes for the continuation of their dedication to make the world a better place


Ursula Luciano

Portland ,Oregon, USA

5th April-2013


Visiting the poor women sewing cooperative and talking with the women made me realize that this project is grassroots development at its best: the sewing skills the women acquire makes a huge deference to the income of the trainees of the families involved. The Tamil women in the villages I visited told me that the above profession ensures their children can be well fed and attend school, even if the husband’s work is sporadic. Average earnings for sewing is a supplementary income empowers the women, gives the family financial security and some level of independence and autonomy to the Tamil women. The AIDS orphans and HIV positive people in the untouchable village were inspirational in how they cope with this stigmatized disease.

Currently “SHAPE” is desperately needs funding for AIDS orphans and abandoned poor children’s project. These grass-roots projects are doing so much genuine work and making a real difference. I commend “SHAPE” and its projects to you. Please donate to see the projects ,meet the “Real” people of Tamil Nadu and realize that everyone can help with time, good heart and financial donations if you wish to.

Ms.Pamela Hackett,

B.Sc.Special Hons – London, Post-grade C Development O.U,

Herefordshire, England. 

17th February, 2012


What a beautiful day out in the villages where all the Kids and some of the parents were gathering spontaneously, singing,reciting poems about their mother language (Tamil).”SHAPE” was contributing pencils and note books and every body was enjoying this distribution also people were happy about some cloths contributed being welcomed from heart to heart………! No language is needed. What a great day! Thanks!

Gabriele Judas

Erding – Germany.

18th February – 2012


On the 5th and 6th of January, Julia and I visited a slum school. We felt very humbled by the meeting of the children and their teachers. The children come from very poor families and it is difficult for them to obtain education, so the school is such a wonderful ,important place for them. We donated 51 plates and tumblers to the school today and the Kids were very happy to receive these.

We support the wonderful work of “SHAPE” and intend to continue our support from Australia. Julia would like to come back at the end of 2012 and teach in the school. We feel very privileged to be a part of this in Tiruvannamalai.

Ms. Suzanne Kelly & Ms. Julia Suffolk Park – Australia

 6th January – 2012


I support A.Parthiban and Mrs.Rita 100% in their endeavors. If you are able to volunteer or contribute anything, SHAPE is very deserving of this. They have a variety of excellent projects and big hearts, and the need is great. I would like to return to Tiru in the future to work more long term with SHAPE. Thank you for this amazing opportunity- you have touched my heart and will remain with me.

Ms. Rebecca J Palak,

La Orange Park-IL-USA,



Thank you for this tremendous introduction to your work with HIV/AIDS people here . We so admire your and Rita’s dedication and passion in making the world a better place. We were moved to meet some of the people who are infected, and to visit with them in their homes. I was glad to take some photos, and I hope they help you on your website. We are planning to create a website in the U.S.A, perhaps called ” http://www.SHAPEusa.org ” if you approve. We can create a non profit , and help you raise money for your work through our effort in the U.S.A.

I think what you and Rita are doing with SHAPE is very important , and we want to support you. We look forward to a continuing relationship, and will be in contact with you from the U.S.A when we return there. It is incredible to us that you open your home and your heart to so many people ,including us. It is a lesson to us to be more open, more receptive and more generous. Both Peter and I feel that our meeting was meant and are happily anticipating a continued working relationship. The most important service you can offer at this point is cash. After having seen the infected people in the village and spent some time with them, both Peter and I feel very comfortable recommending this organization as a great one to donate to. It is a grass roots organization with very low overhead so the money you donate will be used well ,as opposed to paying for large offices and large salaries

The families are in dire need. The priority is building a structure to house the AIDS orphans / orphans to get them in a safe and clean environment. At the orphanage all the basic needs of the children will be met. They need health care, food and an education in addition to housing. There are also the more subtle issues of depression and lack of moral support. Due to the stigma and isolation caused by the disease. This family and SHAPE are also prepared to care for these children at their own home. We must help them help these people now.

With Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Megan Leigh and Mr. Peter Wallace,

United States of America.

27th January,2008


Mr. Parthiban is known to me since six years as a helper of the women and children of the AIDS infected. I appreciate the generous people who come forward to help the above needy population.

Joseph Bruckner,




We feel happy to be able to help to the people of SHAPE with their beautiful social work. It is a hard confrontation to meet families living with HIV/AIDS. Special to meet an orphan girl like Krishnapriya .Mr. & Mrs. Parthiban are doing unselfish task and we pray that they will succeed. Today we could help with a donation to buy two sewing machines to women learning the tailoring. We wish to help all the poor and suffering people, but our help is limited to donations and informing our friends and families about this organization.

The above people are good example to us all, how we can help others who are in need. We wish them God’s blessings and hope others will follow in helping their work in any way possible.

Mr. Jesper Christensen and Mrs. Nada Andre


29th February -2008

new report

SHAPE NGO has enabled me to put human faces on a sadly anonymous misery, which is still present here in India in spite of the booming economical growth of the country. This makes this drama all the more touching. Much have been done: still much more needs to be done in order that these unfortunate people might live in dignity.

I hope this small donation of mine will be of some help. SHAPE NGO, to my opinion ,works in strategic areas, such as proposed project to “Home for the AIDS orphans” and ongoing support to AIDS families: Vocational school for socially vulnerable women: areas that are vital for future public welfare. Thank you for your kindness.

30th April 2008

Ghyslain Latendresse