Ms. Rebecca J Palak, (2011)Ms. Palak, USA (2014)

Mrs. Megan Leigh and Mr. Peter Wallace (2008)


Mrs. Wallace, USA (2008)

Ms. Luciano, (2013)

ursulaIt has been a great honor to meet the SHAPE community especially the Care Home for the orphan children. The children that are left behind from very sad conditions by their parents have found a heartwarming welcome at SHAPE. I am glad to see your children, from ages four to eight, be able to develop their full potential. I have played with all of them for about six weeks and see their talents in coordinating skills, like learning different ball games. Potential in learning new languages by singing songs in French, German and English. Dancing to traditional songs, practicing Yoga, and doing other exercises also learning how to ride a bicycle has given me great joy in participating with them. Even to Crochet, we have begun to learn. There is so much potential there to develop, and I wish they will continue to expand their natural talents. SHAPE invited me to visit several schools in very poor areas. Oh, how sad it is to see the children sitting on the floor with hardly any material to work with. The lack of teachers gives the smarter children a chance to teach their classmates. Some medical supply is also donated besides other stuff (like study materials etc..) by SHAPE to these schools, which encourages these children to have a fair chance in life. I plan to come back next year. In the meantime I hope, SHAPE has began to build a bigger place for many more needy Children.



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