Ms. Morger,(2017)

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My name is Ann Ellsie Morger. I am a professional Social worker and an Art therapist from Norway. I visited SHAPE in Tiruvannamalai six years ago with my teacher in Art therapy. Someone in my group gave me SHAPE`s phone number. I called them and we had a meeting at the hotel where we stayed. They told me about the activities of SHAPE with poor children and women with diseases like HIV/AIDS. I was convinced that their project was beneficial for them, and his organization was without a lot of bureaucracy. In February 2017, we visited SHAPEngo and they brought us to the village where we had a meeting with the women. After, they took us to the different free literacy centers where they teach poor children. We were heartily welcomed by the teachers and children who were singing for us. We were 5 in my group, but only 3 could attend the events with our gifts. We were very thankful to have this opportunity to meet the women and the children of SHAPE Charity is working with. We can see that these projects are of great value for them. We wish you good luck and encourage others to support SHAPE Charity!

Best regards from all in my group.

― Norwegian Testimonials