Organizational Hierarchy

organizational chart



         Mr. Parthiban the Founder and Secretary of SHAPE is an eminent and efficient Project planner and implementer: who is ethically and efficiently heading the organisation with his thirty years of experience in Social Action. He has the love and support of people belonging to all sects due to his social concern  towards the underprivileged. His role  in developing India is significant.



Mrs. Rita an economic graduate, joined as the president of SHAPE back in 1991. Since then, with her dynamic skills, she has been playing a vital role in administering the Association and various Women Oriented projects.





Mr. Samuel, the joint secretary is a Post Graduate in Business Administration, was inspired by the social action of the Association and joined hands with the functionaries towards  the welfare of the deprived  communities.





Ms. Yamuna, a Chemistry Post Graduate and one of the Executive Committee Members is also seriously involved  in social service to support the needy and  to empower  the socially vulnerable communities.