Recommendation from NASSCOM FOUNDATION, India.


NASSCOM Foundation’s BigTech program aims to build the capacities of nonprofits. NGOs can receive the latest in technology as donations thereby conserving & diverting their budgets for other better use! SHAPE is an approved charity by the BigTech program.


Partnership with GLOBAL GIVING, USA

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GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. SHAPE has cleared the process to raise funds from donors around the world as a GlobalGiving partner. 


Availing Google services 



SHAPE is availing free services from Google after acquiring the necessary documentation validation.


 Best Social Action Award 


SHAPE has been functioning for over 32 years and has received the award from the Government for its outstanding performance in terms of community development. The picture shows the first time when SHAPE received such award in 1992 from the District Collector of Tiruvannamalai. 


Partnership with the District Educational Department



SHAPE has permission to conduct extracurricular courses in any Government-run school for the educational enhancement of the novices.  


Partnership with LetzChange, India


LetzChange is an online giving website helping you leverage your social network to raise funds for the causes you believe in. SHAPE has cleared the due diligence procedures and has joined with LetzChange to raise funds.


Recommended by the World Health Organization



Recommended of Enfant Soleil de l’homme, New Caledonian counterpart of Grand Orient de France.