Women Development

“Girls and women routinely bear burdens and atrocity on them, This reflects their unequal status. Promoting income-generating activities of women is the only best solution for this marginalisation problem”.

Tiruvannamalai district lies in rain shadowed area and so repeatedly affected by severe droughts. The literacy rate is just 48% and the same is far below among the women and girl children. The infrastructure facilities on health, industries, education, training, communication, art and culture, banking cum credit facilities, etc.,. are not adequate and needs to be improved in conformity with the growth of population.

Beneficiaries of SHAPE -9

Agriculture is the main occupation and has no proper irrigational facilities. The weather is mostly dry and hot through out the year. Poverty is one of the problems which affect the entire population of the district, one way or the other. Most of the women in the villages are agro dependent, vulnerable and badly restricted and suppressed by socio economic and cultural factors. Several initiatives have been taken by SHAPE ngo to change their situation. Girl child education is being emphasized. Two hundred Women self help groups have been formed and successfully functioning in deferent villages. Micro credit and saving system, Revolving funding, Vocational training, skill development, legal counselling and aid, training on Entrepreneurship, marketing, creation of kitchen gardens, consumption of natural gas, family planning and education on native medicine are some of the significant programs implemented so far in ninety four villages of Thurinjapuram and Thandrampat Blocks. Many thousands of women and girl children are getting befit of the above programs.