Domestic Donations

Saving children from corona

SHAPE has been working to aid development for underprivileged groups in India since 1987. Visit the ‘our work‘ section of our website to read more about our projects, and why our work is so important.

If you’d like to help us in our work, you can use these pages and the links below to donate to our projects. Any donation is welcome – we can’t do this work alone.

General Donations

If you are a resident in India and you donate to SHAPE, your generosity will be rewarded with an Income Tax deduction benefit, under the ’80 G Rule’. SHAPE has been working for the welfare of many communities in Tamil Nadu since 1987, but our work cannot be accomplished alone.

If you choose to donate (powered by PayU), every penny you spend on our projects will be spent on improving the welfare of our communities. Head over to GuideStarIndia to read about our expenditure and financial policy in detail. Once you have made a donation, you’ll receive a receipt and an Appreciation letter. Please contact us via mail or WhatsApp with any queries. Please visit this page to read more about our policies, terms and conditions.

Specific donations

If you’d prefer to make a more targeted donation, read on to find out how to help our specific project areas:

To help women, we:

1. Identify underprivileged women and provide free training in income generation to help achieve financial independence.

2. Offer professional counselling to advise them in challenging areas of their lives.

3. Offer practical support measures to aid in the creation of female entrepreneurs.

  • Counseling session for women
  • Tailoring teacher at one of the tailoring centers
  • HIV victim learning tailoring
  • Fashion designing training
  • Women developing their embroidery skills
  • Certificate issued at one of the tailoring centres after course completion
To help children, we:

1. Rescue and aid child laborers. Provide life value lessons to them.

2. Provide alternate income to their caretakers to compensate for the child’s lost income.

3. Provide free education, healthcare, and counselling to underprivileged children and scholarships to the terminally diseased.

  • Identified victims with necessities
  • education during corona pandemic

Our community and environmental projects are mostly supported by developmental agencies. We constantly work to innovate and evolve these projects.

However, the individuals we support through our women and child projects rely much more heavily on individual donations. We urge you to focus your support towards these projects to witness direct and immediate results.

UPI Donations

Donating is easy using our QR code below! Just follow two easy steps:

  • Open your UPI App.
  • Enter the UPI ID – q46084319@ybl (or) 9488541447@okbizaxis (or)
  • Scan the QR code

Direct Bank Transfers

You can also donate via direct bank transfer using the details below!

Bank NameUnion Bank of India, Vengikkal, Tiruvannamalai.
IFSC CodeUBIN0903876
Name of the account holderM/S. Society for Harmony – Aid and Prosperous Economy (SHAPE)
Customer ID1000499826
Account number (For DBT/ NEFT/ RTGS/ ECS)520101075479555
Address of the account holder711A, 5th Street, Min Nagar, Tiruvannamalai 606604 India.

Non-monetary donations

Your contributions don’t just have to be financial! You can also donate your used electronics and other items to underprivileged children. Give your items a second home with someone who can find a new use for them.

Your trash is our treasure
Your trash is our treasure

If you want to ship something to us, contact us to discuss covering the shipping costs.

Don’t have anything to donate right now? Visit our volunteer pages to find other ways to contribute to our cause!

Leave your used electronic items for the children
Leave your used electronic items for the children

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