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SHAPE has been working since 1987 to help India get out of social injustices. Below is how you can help our projects for the underprivileged.


How to help WOMEN:

  1. Identify underprivileged women and train them for free to generate income.
  2. Counsel them about all their challenges with professionals.
  3. Create women entrepreneurs.

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How to help CHILDREN:

  1. Rescue and aid child laborers.
  2. Provide alternate income to compensate for the child’s lost income.
  3. Provide free education, healthcare, and counseling.

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How to take care of the COMMUNITY:

  1. Sponsor HIV child victims.
  2. Spread awareness of pandemics like HIV.
  3. Take care of the physically challenged.

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finalSHAPE is authorized under the F.C.R.A. rule (Learn more) of the Govt. of India to receive any international contribution.

SHAPE has been working since 1987 for the welfare of many communities in Tamil Nadu. Every penny you spend on our projects will be spent on the welfare of our communities. Head over to GuideStarIndia to know in detail about our expenditure and financial policy. Once you have made the donation, a receipt for the same, along with an Appreciation letter will be issued. Please reach us via mail or WhatsApp for any queries. Please visit this page to know about our policies, T & C.